Solving customer problems in payments May 18 2016

An interesting announcement was made this week in the payments world. MCX is laying off 30 people and postponing their launch of the CurrentC mobile payment app. You can read about the announcement on TechCrunch. John Gruber, on his site Daring Fireball

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Apple shortens app review times May 14 2016

There was been much talk about Apple competing and generating revenue as a service based business. If you haven't read the Stratechery blog post on it, it's a must read. Now there are reports that Apple is significantly cutting app review times.

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Gboard May 12 2016

Google has announced today it's launching a keyboard for iOS called Gboard.


From TechCrunch:

Of course, the most interesting feature of this keyboard is its direct integration with Google’s services.

By tapping the included “G” icon, you...

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The not so obvious problem for iOS developers Jan 2 2016

Recently my new company provided me with an 16GB iPhone 6S. I did everything in my power to circumvent this model, as I was using a iPhone 6 with 64GB at a 70% capacity. Switching to the 16GB seemed unfathomable. Since two iPhones in my pocket was...

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Going Mobile Sep 18 2015

I started my programming journey almost a year ago and I’ve recently had a change in philosophy. I’ve decided to exclusively develop iOS apps using the new Swift language Apple debuted last year. This decision did not come lightly. Many conversations...

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