Website Redesign in Middleman Aug 2 2015

If you haven’t noticed but I’ve done an overhaul of my website and blog. I’m not done with making tweaks, honestly I still have a lot to do but I wanted to just ship it and make the changes as I go.

The site is built on a totally different framework...

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Ruby Basics Intro to RSpec Apr 13 2015

The last post I touched on classes and in this tutorial we are going to test that class using RSpec. RSpec is described on its website as a behavior driven development for ruby. I think thats a pretty accurate description but to break it down even...

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Ruby Basics Classes, Instance Variables and Initialize Apr 11 2015

I want to quickly touch on 3 concepts that are super important to the Ruby language. Having an understanding how Classes, Instance Variables and the Initialize method work together will be beneficial in mastering the Ruby programming language.


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Ruby Basics puts yo self Apr 9 2015

As soon as you start to learn the Ruby programming language you hear about this “puts” thing. Puts right away is used and is pretty cool. When you want to “put” something to the screen, you runs puts.

ruby puts “Eric knows Ruby!” puts “Hello World...

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Ruby Basics Double Quoted Strings Apr 9 2015

For all intensive purposes I only use double quoted strings. I highly recommend taking a look at ThoughtBot’s Ruby Style Guide which I am echoing here, but lets take a quick at look why we should use double quoted strings.

Lets say I have two variables...

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